Like real Mediterraneans we would advise you to take this opportunity and really relax. We would like for you to fulfill all your dreams and wishes, but on the other hand, you shouldn't forget of the beautiful beaches and swimming!
Places for swimming: Near us, you have a lot of choices. Closest beach is placed 30 meters away from the apartment, in Soline.
The open sea area with clear beaches for sun tanning is just 400 meters away.
Those of you who don't wish to swim in the open sea can visit a number of different small and beautiful beaches at the Big Lake, 300 meters away. In the lake is sea water, because it is connected to the sea through the Soline Channel.
Those who are on the cold side can go bike ridding to the Small Lake. The water here is 5 °C higher than the sea.
On Mljet you can swim in 3 seasons of the year: because it lies far down south, the sea heats up the fastest and gets cooler later than up north.
This goes mostly for the Small Lake, where you can swim from the beginning of April to the end of October.