True Fleur de Sel is made up of only hand-harvested "young" crystals of sea salt that form naturally on the surface of salt evaporation ponds before the salt sinks to the bottom of the salt pans.
Fleur de Sel has more mineral complexity than common table salt. Especially because of it's high content of magnesium chloride and potassium chloride, it accentuates and intensifies the taste of foods.

Unlike Fleur de Sel produced in industrial salt ponds, Soline Fleur de Sel is traditionaly collected in natural ponds along wild, hardly accesible coastal cliffs of island Mljet by Srsen family members and friends.

That's one of the reasons our meals taste so well!

The island of Mljet has a traditional seafood menu.
As our guest, you will even be able to go on excursion to the open sea, where you can participate in catching your own dinner.

Only the daily catch of fresh fish will be served.

Same like other finest fish, lobsters are also available on your request and will be prepared on different ways.

During the summer season, you will have a reserved table on the dock under a palm tree, where you can choose from a number of our kitchen specialties.

Everything prepared for your enjoyment at your meal is from our garden and our fishing boat and nets!